We use PRPT in veterinary treatments to stimulate healing and regeneration in painful or injured joints. Administered into wounds or skin lesions it promotes healing and tissue growth. Inserted as drops, PRPT is beneficial in the treatment and stimulation of healing in soft tissues, corneal ulcers, and joint ligament injuries.

Platelet rich plasma is a portion of blood that has been processed, usually by separating or filtering, to contain a higher concentration of platelets than in the whole blood. Depending on the method of preparation, PRP contains platelets, varying numbers of white blood cells (WBCs) and red blood cells (RBCs). In addition to cells, PRP contains other growth factors and substances that are normally present in the plasma.

The reason for using platelet rich plasma is that platelets contain many growth factors and signaling molecules in their granules. They encourage creation and variation of resident cells. The goal is that the body’s natural healing response is enhanced by delivering a high concentration of growth factors directly to the site of injury.

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