The field of medicine and caregiving for animals continue to expand in a multitude of directions.  We are honoured to provide specialized services and treatments to our community.  We want to promote greater awareness of our practices so that every pet owner in Coquitlam and surrounding area is accessible to the best options.  Integral to the Barn Door mission we offer testing for our pets to help ensure they are getting what they need.  An example of the spirit of caring towards our pets is getting their Titer results.

What is Titer Testing?

A titer test is a laboratory test measuring the existence and level of antibodies to disease in blood. Antibodies are produced when an antigen, like a virus or bacteria, provokes a response from the immune system. This response can come from natural exposure or from vaccination.

Why Titer Test?

The parvovirus/distemper test can help you and your vet determine if your dog requires additional vaccination, and may save your pet from over vaccination.

It is especially useful when deciding about vaccinating an animal with unknown vaccination history, or for determining if your furry ones have received immunity from vaccination.

Most experts believe strong titers are a more reliable indication of immunity than vaccination: tests show the actual immune response, not just the attempt to cause an immune response by vaccination.

Do not expect, however, that everyone will accept test results in place of proof of vaccination.

Should I Test My Puppy?

Absolutely!  Ideally, puppies should have had their last vaccination after 16 weeks of age then should be tested to see if further vaccination is necessary.

Can I Titer Test Immediately After Vaccination?

To get an accurate test, you must wait at least 14 days after vaccination before testing.

We’re highly devoted to staying on the cutting edge of preventative care and alternative approaches.  We hope that the general information about Titer testing will prompt you to ask us for more details. We’re here to provide the best care for your family members.