Meet our Esteemed Veterinarians

Today’s veterinarians are the only doctors educated to protect the health of both animals and people. They work hard to address the health and welfare needs of every species of animal.  More importantly at The Barn Door Veterinary Care, we are constantly striving to provide the best medical & wellness treatments for cats and dogs.  Our resident veterinarians are highly skilled and equally passionate about your pet’s well-being.  You can feel safe knowing that our veterinarians have devoted their entire lives to the profession.

Our founder and principal, Dr. Ina Purborini, is truly one-of-a-kind.  Her reputation and candor follows her wherever she goes.  Dr. Ina has garnered immense veterinary experience including surgical operation, integrative medicine, microbiome restorative therapy, mobile veterinary specialization, joint and muscle treatment, diagnostics, animal dermatology, and the list goes on.

Dr. Ina currently resides with her husband and their rescue dog, Lola,  in the Westwood Plateau area and is a proud grandmother to her grandog, Willow.  Dr. Ina also loves to decorate and create interior designs, especially for her clients when they come to visit.

Meet Dr. Alberto Schlicht, the newest member joining our Barn Door brigade. Born in Chile, Dr. Alberto spent a memorable childhood amongst howler monkeys and silent sloths in the jungle of Venezuela, and when older, graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine earned at the Universidad Austral de Chile.

“I am passionate about veterinary dentistry and it has become the focus of my professional development. I have accumulated extensive dental training with veterinary dental specialists and continue attending conferences, lectures and wet laboratories on a yearly basis.  Dental problems are referred as the ‘silent disease’ as our pets cannot say ‘I have a toothache’ and yet it has a major impact on their daily lives and well-being.”

~ Dr. Alberto Schlicht , DVM


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