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Sunshine is a rescue pup from the streets of southeast Asia. She is such a sweet girl and loves people, kids and other animals.
Sunshine’s foster mom, Stephanie, brought her to The Barn Door Veterinary Care in Coquitlam, British Columbia in August 2018.

Dr. Ina Purborini, the principal of the clinic, immediately noticed Sunshine’s numerous and rare complications all requiring extensive surgery.

There is severe bilateral subluxation of the antibrachiocarpal joints and misshapening of the bones of the carpi.
There is soft tissue swelling surrounding the carpi and all digits.
There is subluxation of the 5th and 4th metacarpophalangeal joints bilaterally, and equivocal subluxation of both 3rd metacarpophalangeal joints.
It is unclear if these abnormalities are secondary to prior trauma or congenital laxity of the joints.

In other words… Sunshine may become paralyzed due to immobility as she becomes older.

The procedures that Sunshine needs to get well are not available at typical practices and not even at The Barn Door Veterinary Care.
More importantly, we are exploring potential treatments with the Founder of Fitzpatrick Referrals, Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick, as well as any other options that could help Sunshine.  We are focusing on the dog’s overall improvement of mobility, and functionality.  Elimination of pain is a big factor in determining the best option, and giving Sunshine the great quality of life.

We would like to raise funds to help support the owner of this beautiful dog.
Our hope is to save Sunshine from this terrible mess and provide her relief and a happy life.

Submission process to the “Bionic Vet” and Fitzpatrick Referrals is underway.

Want to help Sunshine?

Please visit our GoFundMe page –

The donations will go a long way for this brave pup.

Sunshine can be seen here in our YouTube channel


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